Oct 3, 2010


This is a survey about subjective reactions to the content of pornographic images. It is open to everyone throughout the month of October. It was created by Orlando Curioso, to address a question raised in two earlier studies of pornography. This study is not affiliated with Tumblr, but the Tumblr platform seems a useful way of distributing it.

The survey should take about 15-20 minutes, and is completely anonymous. There is no compensation or debriefing offered, nor is any direct benefit likely from taking this survey. Taking this survey involves looking at still photographs of a wide variety of explicit sex acts. Some of the images may be offensive or triggering.

A link to an analysis of the results will be posted on this website after October.

If you wish to take this survey, please follow the directions here. Compose your responses in a text document, and then email it to tumblrpornsurvey@gmail.com. Your email address will be discarded at once to ensure anonymity.  If you prefer, you can easily create a temporary email address through gmail or most other web-based email systems.

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